Review L84DNR Rockin’ n Rollin Moscow Mills, MO

If you took the little trip up Highway 61 with L84DNR lets us know how you liked the show by leaving a comment.

Saturday, July 15 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Midwest Drifters Clubhouse
165 West 4th Street
Moscow Mills, MO

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  1. Had a great time with L84DNR and the Midwest Drifters MC at their clubhouse. They know how to party.

    It was outdoors and the weather was perfect with a rare break from the heat & humidity. Some technical difficulties affected the 1st, but L84DNR rocked out the second set.

    During the break the Midwest Drifters set off a world record string of firecrackers. That took me back to a wild fireworks extravaganza from my youth. Instead of firecrackers this show was rockets going on forever and shooting every direction.

    It was a small show at a city park in Chandler, AZ. The show was set up on one of the ball fields. There was a big wooden crate full of fireworks and a guy with a road flare looking inside to get the next rockets to launch. He dropped the flare in the crate and pandemonium ensued. Rockets rockets everywhere, some exploding barely above peoples heads. You get a different perspective when that pretty starburst is at head level.

    But hey, I was a kid and I thought it was the best show ever.

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